Project Safety Management

Since the introduction of the 2006 Construction Regulations, construction projects now have a regulatory requirement for a full safety management system from conception to completion. Construction projects now place safety obligations on all duty holders, including the Client, Project Supervisor for Design Process (PSDP), Project Supervisor for Construction Stage (PSCS), Contractors and Employees on site. In combination with the 2005 SHWW Act, the 2006 Construction Regulations emphasise the duty to MANAGE AND CONDUCT all projects safely.

An example of Construction Safety Management system:

Safety Statement Review or update

Site Safety Management which will cover:

  • Site Safety Inspections.
  • Notification to H.S.A

Project Supervisor for Design Process ( PSDP)

  • Preliminary Safety & Health Plan
  • Safety File
  • Other designer duties

Project Supervisor for Construction Stage (PSCS)

  • Construction Stage Safety & Health Plan
  • Site Induction Training/Site Safety Rules
  • Co-ordination of Sub Contractor’s Safety and members of the public or visitors.
  • 2006 Construction Safety Documentation relevant to project
  • Incident/Accident Reporting and Investigations

Note: The above is only an example for a construction company, but this can be adapted for the Health and Safety needs of each contractor on site.

To arrange a meeting to develop Safety Management for your company contact Pat on 086 837 9069 or Shane on 087 6418890


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